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Life Cover Advice (Example)
Why not review your existing life insurance? It's still a competitive marketplace.

Michael is 35 next birthday. He currently has £300,000 of life insurance, to cover his mortgage and his family over the next 35 years, and he is paying £26.30 per month.

His IFA checked his policy and premium against the marketplace and found he could offer Michael a choice:

He could provide him with a new policy, covering him for £419,732 for the same monthly premium, so Michael could greatly increase his life insurance for his family without having to increase his costs each month.

The alternative was for Michael to pay a premium of £19.60 per month and hence save £6.70 each month for the same amount of cover.

In the end Michael selected the higher sum assured as inflation had reduced the value of the life insurance cover since he originally started the policy in 2005.

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