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Why use an IFA?

"It really was refreshing to have our options carefully explained to us and not be subjected to any sales pressure"

Alan & Marjorie Humphreys
Why use an IFA?
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Tracking down the best pension plan, mortgage or the most suitable
investment scheme or insurance policy can be a daunting task. It's a
competitive market and there are hundreds of insurance and
investment companies, banks and building societies offering many
thousands of financial products. Trawling through these yourself
would take forever and require an excellent understanding of financial
services products and the current tax system.
Although the right product for you is almost certainly available, it is
highly unlikely that you'll find it on your own. If you make the wrong
choice or limit yourself to the products that your bank offers, you
could be thousands of pounds out of pocket!
Independent financial advisers provide unbiased advice for all your
financial needs, from existing policies to any future ones. They are
required by law to recommend the best value for money products for
you by carefully examining your financial circumstances, taking into
account your current situation, your attitude to risk and your long-term
An IFA should be as important to you as your family doctor or solicitor. Like other professionals, all IFAs go through extensive training to ensure that they are up to date in their knowledge and are fully qualified and insured to give financial advice. Because their recommendations put the interests of the client first, you can be sure of no high pressure salesmanship.
How we can help...
Finding the best independent financial adviser for your personal needs is not as straightforward as merely contacting the nearest adviser's office.
Many IFAs will specialise in certain areas and it may be the case that the adviser you choose would prefer to only deal with clients who fulfil a set criteria. This could mean that you go to the back of the queue in favour of the wealthiest clients and big corporations and, as a result, the adviser may not provide you with the service that you want or expect.
Our nationwide panel of IFAs have partnered with us because they wish to establish long-term relationships with new clients who are looking for the best advice across the board, so you can be sure that they will give you the best possible service for your needs.
All our advisers will offer you a free introductory appointment, at a time and place convenient to you. Following this, there is no obligation to proceed with any of the advice given. You can also be assured that the IFA is obliged to provide you with any upfront costs before proceeding with any recommended action. 
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If you're a business owner, you may well be waking up to the new challenges that the recently introduced auto-enrolment legislation will have on you. This is is not an easy area of legislation to comply with and an IFA working in the employee benefits arena will be able to provide you with the best advice in this area. The fines for getting this legislation wrong are immense and we can match you with the correct IFA to help your business remain compliant. 
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